Dental Implants Pattaya

Oral hygiene is highly important every day of the week even if you have had no dental treatment whatsoever. But if you have had surgery such as dental implants, extra special attention to oral hygiene is needed.
There are several questions that many patients ask after surgery, such as: Do I brush implants the same as regular teeth? Do food particles get stuck under fixed implants? And here we offer tips and advice of how to maintain your implants once they have settled in and any stitches have been removed.

Regular Brushing

Regular brushing is even more important after you have had implants treatment to keep them in top condition and so they last as long as possible. Regular brushing will help to keep down bacteria and prevent decay and other diseases.
Incredibly scientists have found that over a thousand viruses and bacteria have been identified to live in the mouth. Electric brushes have been given glowing endorsements from dentists as they often clean more thoroughly.


If you do not usually floss as part of your daily oral hygiene then you should introduce it. Flossing is a really good way of disposing of food particles stuck between implants and teeth. Regular flossing will check the growth of any gum disease or decay.
Perhaps the best floss on the market is the unwaxed tape or a recommended specific floss for implants so that the tissue surrounding the implant is not damaged.

Water Flossing

An aid to your daily flossing is to use an oral irrigator or water flosser, this helps in the reduction of biofilm, inflammation in hard to reach areas. If you have any inflammation of the gums or around the implants water flossing is ideal, use a solution of chlorhexidine gluconate or chlorine dioxide or any non-alcohol antimicrobial rinse.

Professional Cleaning

Taking the time to have regular dental cleaning by a oral technician is really good for the long time gum and teeth health. The first year after having your implants, dentists recommend that you have professional cleaning at least every six months and if possible every three months.

Visit Your Dentist on a Regular Basis

Especially in the first few months after surgery it is important to have your implants checked on a timely basis. Regular oral examinations will let your dentist know how the implants are progressing and he will dispense important information about their ongoing care, this will identify any possible future problems and eliminate them.

Dental Implants Pattaya

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